• Anthony Gargasz is a digital artist & designer based in Los Angeles, CA. Over the years he has independtly pursed his passion for creation, taking him on an incredible journey of development. His latest focus has been in Key Art, creating advertisements for the entertainment industry. From movie posters to billboards, he has become "the man behind the green curtain."  In his spare time he administers the international media collective EvokeOne, writes blog posts, enjoys hiking, and exploring the city. 
    VH1  |  Nickelodeon  |  Paramount Pictures
    Sony Pictures  |  Netflix  |  Myriad Pictures  
    Millennium Films  |  Sex+Design  |  Synergetic Distribution
    Quest Nutrition  |  Advanced Photoshop
    Abduzeedo  |  Advanced Photoshop  |  Great Idea, Petite Typeface
    FromUpNorth  |  Other Focus  |  Presidia Creative 
    DesignerFix  |  Lemonade  |  Photoshop Tutorials 
    I am not a gun for hire; I am a weapon of mass creation.